Biomarker profiling by (neuro)proteomics

Supervisor: Dr. David Communi

The Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics facility focuses mainly on the discovery of novel signalling and biomarker molecules related to (non-)neurological disorders. Ongoing proteomics projects concern multiple sclerosis and related inflammatory disorders, acute brain injury, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and cardio-respiratory tissue hypoxia. The recent label-free data-independent mass spectrometry approach (SWATH-MS) on biological fluids from large patient cohorts is able to establish an extensive quantitative proteomic cartography (with post-translational modifications) from any clinical sample at the single patient level. Novel biomarker signatures, in particular for multiple sclerosis, are under investigation. Potential applications include the identification of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, of biological targets for therapeutic monitoring, and more broadly the study of physiopathological mechanisms of disease directly in human patients.

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