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Computational Biology

3D histology of thyroid cancer and the normal thyroid. Dr. Vincent Detours

Characterising the evolution of anaplastic thyroid carcinomas. Dr. Maxime Tarabichi

Embryonic Development

Looking for the right balance between rigidity and elasticity in embryo protection. Dr Isabelle Migeotte

Exploring the molecular and functional links between the extra- embryonic (vitelline, umbilical, and placental) and fetal vascular systems. Dr Isabelle Migeotte


Human organoids to study the molecular networks controlling differentiation of progenitor cells toward thyroid or lung cell epithelium. Dr. Sabine Costagliola

Cancer Biology

Role of Rhophilin2, a RhoB GTPase effector, in melanoma metastasis: zebrafish as a model. Dr. Isabelle Pirson

Role of Rhophilin2, a RhoB GTPase effector, in zebrafish reproduction. Dr. Isabelle Pirson

GPCR Signaling in Homeostasis and Pathology

Dissecting fetal development and adult regeneration in the mouse intestine. Dr. Marie-Isabelle Garcia

Role of the VIP pathway in the tumour microenvironment of colorectal cancers. Dr. Ingrid Langer

Role of novel GPCR receptors in retina homeostasis and disease. Dr. Jean Yves Springael and Dr. François Willermain

Uncovering the role of ectopic odorant GPCR receptors in colon regeneration.
Promoter: Dr. Marie-Isabelle Garcia; Co-promoters: Dr. Ingrid Langer, Dr. Jean Yves Springael