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Computational Biology

The interplay between cancer and somatic evolution of the human thyroid in vivo. Dr. Maxime Tarabichi


Deciphering the molecular determinants of microglia ontogeny during vertebrate development using the zebrafish model. Dr. Valerie Wittamer


Organoids to study organ specification. Dr. Sabine Costagliola

Effect of air pollution on developing and mature human lung organoids. Dr. Mirian Rommitti

Cancer Biology

Melanoma drug resistance. Dr. Isabelle Pirson

Identifying kinases with altered activity as therapeutic targets in pleural mesothelioma and their interplay with the tumor microenvironment. Dr. Xavier Bisteau

Esophageal cell plasticity and metaplasia formation. Dr Benjamin Beck

GPCR Signaling in Homeostasis and Pathology

Unravelling the multifaceted role of the VIP pathway in homeostasis and diseases of the colonic mucosa. Dr. Ingrid Langer

Role of chemerin/CMKLR1 axis on microglial cells function within the retina. Dr. Jean Yves Springael

Regeneration Biology

Study of anti-inflammatory exosomes involved in the protection against myocardial infarction. Dr Didier Communi

Cellular Plasticity during Organ Regeneration. Dr. Sumeet Pal Singh