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Biomarker profiling by (neuro) proteomics. Dr. David Communi

Study of the role of hydrogen peroxide in physiopathology using a novel transgenic mouse model overexpressing the H2O2-generating complex DUOX/DUOXA. Dr. Xavier De Deken

Characterising the evolution of anaplastic thyroid carcinomas. Dr. Maxime Tarabichi

Role of P2Y nucleotide receptors in the function and therapeutical potential of cardiac adipose-derived stem cells. Dr. Didier Communi

Molecular and Cellular mechanisms underlying intestinal regeneration. Dr. Marie Isabelle Garcia

The role of the VIP/VPAC1 pathway in the tumor microenvironment of colorectal cancers. Dr. Ingrid Langer

Investigating a zebrafish model of rare human muscle disease. Dr. Sabine Costagliola

The use of SMALPs combined to single particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM): a new approach to determine the structure of GPCRs. Dr. Ingrid Langer

Role of Rhophilin2, a RhoB GTPase effector, in melanoma metastasis: zebrafish as a model Dr. Isabelle Pirson

Niche signals involved in tissue-resident macrophage function. Dr. Jean-Yves Springael

Pluripotent stem cells for modelling thyroid cancers. Dr. Sabine Costagliola

Oxidative stress in thryoid gland organogenesis. Dr. Sabine Costagliola

Deciphering the chemotherapy resistance of esophageal squamous carcinoma. Dr. Benjamin Beck